Sunday, January 11

Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Sunday!  Are you ready for MLK Jr. day next week??  If not, grab this freebie to get a head start on planning!
I hope you have an awesome week!

Thursday, January 1

Top Board Games of 2014

I'm linking up again with Kristin over at Simply Speech to share my favorite board games of 2014.  I tried to put them in order of suggested age ranges. These are age ranges that I have found to be the best for each game. And technically some of them aren't "board" games but they are all super fun and can be used with almost any skill as a reward!  Prices are from Amazon but I have found them much cheaper at Wal-mart!  I know some of them are on sale right now! If you're looking for new speech games or classroom games check out my favorites!

Want to see more?  Check out the linky over at Simply Speech for other favorite board games of 2014!

Monday, December 22

Educational Apps for Kids

I've had a few parents request some educational app suggestions for kids lately since there may be a few new tablets, iPods or iPads under the Christmas tree. : )  I put together a short list of some of my favorites.  Unfortunately, most of them cost money.  But, all of them are ones that I would recommend!  Some of them also have websites that offer educational games too. The age range is a loose guideline since I have had 10 and 11 year olds love some of the younger games. All apps are available on the Apple iTunes Store. You can download the file by clicking on the picture below!
Want more apps?  Check out this SLP linky for apps specific to speech-language pathology!

Monday, December 15

Toddler Homework with Toys {FREEBIE}

Recently I have had a lot of requests for homework for my toddler kiddos that I see out of the office.  Since their parents aren't usually there during the session to observe/participate in therapy and they are too young for worksheets and things like that I find it's often hard to give homework without giving the parent a lecture.  So, I thought about the top toys I use in therapy (you can check out THIS post if you're interested in my go-to therapy toys) and decided to do a short write up of how they can use the toys to facilitate language at home.  I have quite a few kiddos who are working on naming and identifying vocabulary which is great because it is such a broad goal I can bring in vocabulary with just about any activity. If you are struggling like I was to give parents ideas on how to facilitate language at home with toys check these out, they're FREE! : )

(Note: This packet is text heavy, with any packet that has a lot of text there is the risk of a typo, no matter how much I edit and edit again one likes to sneak in.  If you find a typo please kindly let me know so I can fix it, thank you!)

Sunday, December 14

First Words Playdough Mat

It can be so hard to give homework for my little ones to practice language at home.  Many parents want homework (and I'm working on a more comprehensive set) but since we use mostly toys to facilitate language it can be hard to give them homework without just having them watch what we do.  So, I put together a quick playdough mat to practice vocabulary.  Directions are included at the top of the mat, just print, laminate and send home!  I would recommend making sure your kiddo has playdough at home too.  If you're in need of playdough Walmart had large tubs of playdough for 50 cents today!  They also make a great stocking stuffer! :)  Click on the picture to grab this playdough mat for FREE!

Thursday, December 11

What's in your Early Intervention Bag?

As you probably know by now I am working with little kiddos this year for speech therapy.  I am linking up with Kristen over at Simply Speech to share what's in my early intervention bag and how I use each toy! The age group of my kiddos range from 1.5 years old to around 7 years old.  These toys and tools are what I use for my 1.5 to 4 year olds. I have always been an over planner/packer so I probably have WAY too much in my "bag" but I like options. My bag is more like a rolly cart, actually it is a rolly cart.  : ) I remember hearing a good therapist could do therapy with whatever they have in their purse and if that's true I probably wouldn't be a very good therapist!  I like to plan and plan some more! Maybe that's my teacher side coming through. : ) Here's what I got going on in my rolly cart. 

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Wednesday, December 10

What's on my iPad?

My iPad has made some changes these days now that I am working with little ones.  I have been trying to search and gather my favorite speech/toddler apps.  My goal for most apps these days is SIMPLE!  I look for ones that are very easy to use, don't have a lot of distractions and can be completed quickly or with repetition. Here's a short list of my current favorites (and the ones that are currently getting the most use)!

This app is as simple as it gets.  There is a yes button and a no button.  And as you may have guessed we use it for answering yes/no questions! It's particularly helpful for kiddos who are non-verbal or use limited language. 

Object Sort
I just found this one and haven't used it a ton but it is another simple one that works on sorting objects by colors just as the name implies.  It could also be used for naming or identifying basic vocabulary. 

Towers (by Tiny Hands)
This one is mostly just fun for little ones.  They have to build something and they put the pieces in order to build whatever tower is pictured.  I use it mostly as a reinforcer but it could also be used to describe shapes using superlatives. 

Speak Colors
This one is very simple.  My version is blue and I can't remember if I downloaded the free version or not but I could only find a picture of the yellow version.  I use it to work on describing (color words) and producing 2 word phrases (ex. red hat, green circle, blue ball).  I sometimes try to expand it to sentences by using a carrier phrase "I see the  ___ ___." You can also use it for naming vocabulary. 

Splingo Pronouns
This is another one that is very simple but keeps my kiddos engaged.  GREAT for demonstrating an understanding of pronouns and following directions.  

I am currently in LOVE with Super Simple Songs on YouTube.  My two favorites are Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald.  Sometimes I get out the barn or bus and we play as we sing along. Other times we do motions for the songs and work on imitating gestures/sounds.  Either way they capture my kiddos attention very well.

That's what's currently happening on my iPad, if you work with little ones (preschool or younger) I suggest you try some of these out! : )