Sunday, November 23

Thanksgiving Fun!

UPDATE:  The winner of the giveaway is Kristi Smith!  Congratulations!  Kristi, please send me an e-mail at and I'll send the packet your way! Thank you to everyone who commented, I loved reading all your traditions!

It's almost Thanksgiving and I feel like the past few months have FLOWN by!  I have been a terrible blogger lately but I've still been here working and creating : ).  There are lots of new things going on in my TPT store for teachers and SLPs if you want to check it out.  Here are a few Thanksgiving themed things for this upcoming week if you're in need of some last minute resources!

First up for SLPs!  I have a fun freebie called Artic Turkeys which I completed with all my pre-schoolers this past week.  It has articulation cards for my most commonly used phonemes in the initial position but could easily be adapted for language too!

My little ones love crafts so much, I'm hoping to make a craft for each month, so stay tuned for more to come!

I also have been working on creating monthly vocabulary packets for my little friends to introduce and learn seasonal vocabulary.  Check out the November set! I have used it for both language and articulation this past week. 

I have most of the other monthly vocabulary months posted too (still working on August, September and October). A bundle will be posted once they're all done!

For my teacher friends I put together a quick no prep pack that has 5 ELA and 5 Math activities, great for a short week! They are aligned to the 2nd grade CCSS.  

This is another one that will be growing, Christmas and New Year's No Prep Practice are also available! The ELA activities can easily be used for older kiddos who are working on language skills too! : )

And my new close read pack full of Fall stories is also available (spring and summer are coming soon, I promise.  Thanks for all your Q&A's/emails about them, I hope to have spring done around Christmas time).  And another bundle will be made once these are all done too!

Oh an I almost forgot about these oldies but goodies for 2nd graders!
GIVEAWAY ALERT: Since most of my readers are FANTASTIC 2nd grade teachers, let's have a giveaway for my No Prep Thanksgiving pack!  We'll make it super quick since I'm sure you'd want it for tomorrow.  Leave a comment about your favorite Thanksgiving tradition and I'll pick a winner by 8:00 PM EST tonight to win a FREE copy! Gobble Gobble : )  

Wednesday, October 1

Where have I been?

I started my new job!!  I have been super busy with all that comes with a new job and in the middle of all that I have been trying to cross things off my to-do list!  If you follow me on Facebook or instagram you may have already seen my latest and greatest creations but if not here's a recap.  

I put together some fun seasonal close reading passage packs that focus on vocabulary and comprehension.  Spring and summer are in the works too : )

I FINALLY finished that Poppleton unit. It only took me 2 years! Oops!

I also added a new 4th grade math pack all about Place Value.

And I bundled all my 4th grade math centers into one GIANT bundle! It has everything you need for centers for the whole year in 4th grade!

I also updated my Numbers in Base Ten pack that the wonderful Amy Lemons blogged a bit about the other day!  Her kiddos are loving the hundreds board puzzles!

And last but not least I have been prepping, prepping, prepping new speech materials!  These are from Jenna Rayburn.  LOVE her new interactive books! 
Sadly it was the only picture I have managed to take, so far we have been singing a lot and my kiddos are loving them!
Let's have a giveaway since I have been MIA lately!  Leave a comment (with your e-mail address) and I'll pick a lucky winner to win ANY one pack from my store for FREE!!  Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, September 7

What's new?

Hi friends!  I don't know about you but I am ready for fall weather!  It was still in the 90's here last week and I've had enough of the heat.  I've kept myself inside (and helped take care of baby Camden's first cold which he has now passed on to me) this past week.  While we've been "hibernating" in the AC I've been putting together some new resources.  Check em' out!  
Caught on Camera focuses on action verbs!  It has fun polaroids to "catch" the verbs in action, activities and printables!

Describing cards were designed to help me out in a pinch!  Cards include four categories: appearance, size & shape, function, location and animals.

And last but not least, my Basic Concepts pack has tons of visuals to teach kiddies opposites, positional words, shapes, colors and feelings!

I'm giving away a copy of Caught on Camera over on my Facebook page, head over to comment.  I'll pick a winner tonight!  I hope you've all had a great start to the school year!

Tuesday, September 2

Developing Language Activities {FREEBIE}

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a great long weekend.  Just popping in real quick to share a freebie! I have been searching for a parent friendly checklist of home activities to practice expanding and developing language with kiddos from birth-six years old since this will be the main population I will be working with.  I found a fantastic list of recommendations from ASHA but turned into something that was more parent friendly. I adapted it a bit and if you're searching for something similar you can download it for FREE by clicking either image below!

Saturday, August 30

Spuds & Communities

Saturday football is back!  This means I get to spend all day sitting on the couch working on TPT things, listening to football and cuddling a sweet baby in between!  I just wanted to pop in real quick to share my newest packets with you that I had a chance to upload today!  First up is Spuds, it has games and activities for speech and language using a Mr. Potato Head!  I'm super excited to use this with my 4-5 year olds!

And for my teacher friends, I have Communities!  I have a good friend who is starting her student teaching this fall in 1st grade and she was on the lookout for Community resources so I put this together for her!  Better yet, I'm giving away a free copy if you comment on my Facebook page.  You can click HERE to comment!
Happy Labor Day weekend!

Friday, August 22

Speech Materials Round Up {Part One}

I have been in super planning mode this summer to try and be prepared to start working this fall.  I had so many things from my classroom that I'll be able to use in my speech room but trying to decide what I needed/wanted has been challenging.  I don't really have an allotment to buy materials so pretty much anything I need or want I have had to gather myself.  This has sent me to a lot of thrift stores this summer.  I have visited many Goodwill stores and consignment shops!  Here are my current top 5 resources I am most excited to get started with!  (If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of these!)

#1: Mr. Potato Head
I found all three of these at a consignment shop nearby (Once Upon a Child) for $20 and they are housing a ton of parts too!  Mr. Potato Head will be great for sequencing, following directions, naming, categorizing and more!  I also have a Mr. Potato Head activity pack in the works if I ever get around to finishing it!

 #2: Board Games
These board games have been collected over the course of 7 years in the classroom and 4 years of graduate school.  Even though I'm not working yet I have been buying and gathering materials while completing my graduate school practicums too.  Some of these were found at garage sales or given to my by friends and previous parents of my students. Some I bought during sales (Black Friday is always a good time to catch them for cheap!).

#3: Articulation Cards
I knew pretty early on I was going to need articulation cards.  If you look below you'll see I use my iPad for digital cards too but sometimes you just can't beat good ol' fashion paper cards!  I also plan on using them for vocabulary too and will definitely incorporate them into playing any type of board game.  I made these and they are available on TPT.  They take a little (or a lot) of assembly cutting and laminating but if you don't want to spend big bucks on pre-made cards these are the way to go! I copied, cut and laminated two sets per envelope so I have two of each word/picture when I want to play Go Fish or Memory.

#4 Cranium Cariboo
Speaking of board games, I have read a TON of speech blogs this summer and Cranium Cariboo always came up as THE best game for speech and language therapy. So, I searched and searched and had no luck finding it this summer.  Then, I found it on Ebay.  It wasn't exactly a steal at $20 (but was better than some of the $100+ listings, wow!) and it is gently loved but it has all the pieces and there are a ton of skill specific cards on TPT that I can add to the game during speech! If anyone has this game sitting around their house, send me an e-mail!  Hubby needs one too and I will gladly buy it from you!

#5: iPad and Otterbox
I have used my iPad in the classroom for several years and knew it would be an asset in speech as well.   My favorite app by far is Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech but I also have slowly gathered a collection of Super Duper Fun Decks and some great ones from Smarty Ears as well. My first session with a toddler taught me that an Otterbox was necessary if I was planning on using the iPad with younger kiddos.  I found this one on amazon for $35 and it has been well worth it!  Although it does make it a little heavy.
Well, that's a few of the things I have rounded up so far.  This is just a small collection (although I do remember being told in grad school that a great SLP could do therapy with whatever she has in her purse!) and I plan to add to it with many things from TPT, and others such as bubbles, a farm, toy cars, blocks, pretend food and dolls. You can count on a part 2 as I keep on collecting and thrifting!

On an unrelated teachery note, I uploaded a Fiction Text Feature Poster Pack a few days ago to accompany the Non-Fiction posters!  Best part is that it is FREE!

Tuesday, August 19

Boost Sale!

When TPT had their sale at the beginning of the month I had TONS of stuff in my cart and on my wish list but I couldn't buy it all at once and now that school is just around the corner I see what kinds of things I'm still going to need. So, thankfully TPT is throwing a BOOST sale!  For ONE DAY only you can get everything in my TPT for 20% off plus another 8% using the code BOOST at checkout! 
Thank you to For His Glory for this super cute sale button,  be sure to check them out during the sale!

The BOOST sale starts tomorrow (or tonight at midnight)!!  Hopefully you can grab that last minute packet of fun for Back to School!  Need some ideas?  Here are my favorite Back to School things to get the year started! Each one is sold separately in my store and will be on sale!